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Men age and appear uncomfortable symptoms when urinating such as bladder obstruction due to prostate fibroids, prostate enlargement. Following a procedure called the “Prostate Protocol” created by renowned alternative health care professional Scott Davis can be helpful.

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Causes of prostate enlargement News

From the age of 30, a man’s prostate gland gradually develops. However, because prostate enlargement occurs so slowly, individuals do not experience any symptoms until the condition is severe. Testosterone is the main source of energy for the prostate. Without it, the prostate will degenerate and eventually disappear. However, the prostate gland will enlarge if too much testosterone is absorbed. And it continues to grow until it turns into an enlarged prostate’s long as levels of this hormone are high, BPH will eventually develop. Therefore, this hormonal imbalance is responsible for the uncontrolled growth of the prostate gland in men.

What leads to an excessive level of testosterone?

Hundreds of different types of gut bacteria sustain humans as essential to their survival. When healthy, they regulate weight, manage cholesterol, balance blood sugar, prevent kidney and heart disease, minimize inflammation, and more. Male hormones are also regulated, stabilized and controlled by these microorganisms.
They make sure that the ratio of testosterone to estrogen is right. When they become unmanageable, brown planthoppers can develop. However, the susceptibility of these microorganisms is problematic. So they need the right atmosphere and the right nutrition to grow. If we do not follow an adequate diet, the intestinal microorganisms will gradually disappear and we will get sick.

Scott Davis Prostate Procedure:

Scott Davis developed Prostate Protocol as an alternative therapy for an enlarged or swollen prostate. Prostate Procedure users receive simple, step-by-step training on the specific reasons for an enlarged prostate in this online eBook.
Interestingly, the guidelines suggest removing healthy colonies from the intestines. It is important that the guideline discusses the treatment of prostatic hypertrophy.

Prostate Protocol How it works ?

Fewer negative effects and less restlessness for people with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or an enlarged prostate. It describes a method or strategy for alleviating symptoms while addressing the cause of the problem. As they build consumer resilience to other variables and maintain healthy microbial populations in the gut or colon, lifestyle and dietary choices are central to this approach’s.

The treatment helps to increase the amount of bacteria in the stomach. These bacteria can benefit from your nutritional choices, provided by the foods we eat. It has to do with more than just healthy eating. It involves eating prostate-friendly foods. When it comes to prostate receptor health, certain foods are absolute killers and you should stop eating them immediately.
The receptors then go on to regulate the amount of testosterone exposed to the prostate.

When the prostate stops absorbing too much testosterone, it contracts and stops pushing the bladder and urinary system. Urine will flow steadily and the bladder will empty normally. And the infection will definitely go away as soon as the bladder no longer has constant contractions.

Accordingly, the book includes a list of steps that users must follow to increase the number of microorganisms in their system. Although this is a simple method, it requires both imagination and restraint. If a person has overcome these measures in about 12 weeks, an enlarged prostate is usually reduced. Results can be very different. Each individual is connected differently.

Benefits of Prostate Protocol PDF:

  • With a focus on lifestyle and nutritional choices, Prostate Protocol promotes healthy eating and exercise.
  • With the prostate regimen, you will understand how to control beneficial gut bacteria for the body.
  • This information can be useful and applicable to various medical procedures.
    It focuses on the root cause of prostate enlargement by increasing the number of microorganisms in the gut.
  • It may improve sleep patterns and reduce the need to empty the bladder.
  • It can also improve general lifestyle.
  • It is very educational as it provides information about BPH for further research and methods.
  • Treating an enlarged prostate promotes more confidence in men, helping to improve their mental health. If you buy e-books.

Features of Prostate Protocol:

The four topics covered in the e-book, each with multiple sub-chapters, are all related to the management of prostate enlargement. The first section of the handbook provides a description of BPH, including its causes, consequences, and basic principles of treatment. Participants gain knowledge about how the body works as well as the possibility that certain decisions can lead to BPH.

What the user has to take into account is explained in the second part. Users will know about BPH and understand how it relates to different conditions.The third part explains how establishing a balanced diet will improve your digestive health while applying natural therapies to relieve prostate pain through different eating habits.

Sections focus on the risks associated with organic foods, beverages, and lifestyle choices. Planning, relaxation and mental health are involved. App users can get advice on tracking and improving their lives.
Combination plan An incredible list of meals and a balanced diet is developed in the fourth part.
Finally, software that makes eating a live and enjoyable act. Customers also receive a list of powerful vitamins.

Pricing Details:

The cost of the prostate protocol is only $49.

Considering the amount of research involved in developing the app, this is a pretty reasonable price. Moreover, although effective, it is much cheaper than traditional drugs. You’ll get instant, lifetime access to the digital version of Prostate Protocol as soon as you pay for the program. In addition, you will regularly receive free updates.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about additional prostate treatment costs, such as membership fees or other recurring costs. Instead, there are several benefits to purchasing Prostate Protocol from the official website. When you purchase Prostate Protocol from the

official Blue Heron Health News website, you will have access to the following information:

  • Confirm program validity with an unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Bonuses, customer gifts and sometimes discounts
  • The payment mechanism and website are encrypted to keep your personal data secure.
  • 24/7 customer service accessibility

Prostate Protocol’s Return Policy?

Regardless of the severity of prostate problems, everyone can benefit from prostate treatment. However, it is understood that not everyone will be successful with the program. For this reason, every prostate plan you purchase comes with a risk-free 60-day money-back guarantee. From their official website you can get the Prostate Protocol e-book. Therapeutic assessments are available on the website.


A man’s enlarged prostate drives him crazy, but doctors can’t help him find a cure despite their best efforts. Therefore, Prostate Protocol has been developed for men who want to stop having problems with benign prostatic hyperplasia.